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Delivery Guy
Now That We Have
Your Attention

We promise to be quick and we promise to make it count.

We initially wanted to bring you an ad about all our great benefits, bells and whistles, but then we had a think about what we really wanted to talk to you about - the back bone of our country, the transport industry.

The people you might not have considered during this pandemic.

Your delivery drivers, courier providers, and customer service teams - experiencing an unusual amount of exhaustion during this pandemic.

That's right, this isn't an AD about the lowest freight prices, or even the best delivery service money can buy. This is about the little guys, working tirelessly during the pandemic to get you your parcels.

During the pandemic, you may not have considered the impact in which the transport industry has experienced. Yet, it is one of the most heavily relied upon industries of today.

Here is what our industry has been able to do for our community

In saying that, our industry is still one of the most neglected industry, and so, the next time you see your local delivery driver, please be sure to be kind, say hi, and shed a bit of hope on their day too. 

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