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How We Helped Innovatec Stop Incidental Damage During Transit

Updated: May 20, 2021

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon that we see freight damaged and unhappy customers, however with our care and understanding, and correctly packaging freight, we can save the team and the business a whole lot of pain.

Every retailer understands the stress that ensues after receiving email after email of customer complaints about receiving damaged items. For Innovatec, we noticed their stress of dealing with damaged deliveries immediately.

One of the biggest benefits Innovatec has experienced by using iCumulus is our hands-on client and customer service approach. We work with our clients and their freight very closely, every step of the way – from warehouse, to depot, all the way through to the end customer.

Direct from their warehouse, Innovatec's freight was not being packaged correctly – top heavy pallets and pallets stacked too high in trucks - which mounted to endless amounts of damaged freight.

Innovatec needed support and to relieve the amount of time they were spending dealing with customer complaints as well as losing money. Our team was quick to notice these things and so we started to look at smart solutions Innovatec could implement right away.

Our effective over-sighting helped Innovatec tighten up their procedures - we stopped top heavy loads, implemented caution tape to the corners of oversized packages for awareness, and ultimately helped save costs and their customer service.

iCumulus don’t just send your freight, we are invested in helping our clients find better methods to assist in cost savings and find better outcomes for your customers.

Simple, yet effective tips on properly managing your freight

Too much empty space

Something that often doesn't occur to senders is the empty space within your package. If your box is too big for the actual product you're sending, it's more likely that your product will jostle around and get damaged if there isn't enough padding.

Not enough cushioning material

You will need some sort of void fill or protective packaging material to ensure everything arrives intact. Protective packaging fills several purposes during shipping:

  • It takes up extra space in the box to prevent items from shifting during transit

  • It cushions the item from shocks and protects any fragile corners

  • It improves product presentation and provides a better unboxing experience

  • It prevents scrapes and scratches

Appropriate labelling

Labels are often overlooked when it comes to preventing freight damage. They help shippers make pallet-packing decisions during the shipping process.

Choose the right team and carrier

Reducing your freight shipping damage claim rate can boil down to choosing the right courier partner(s) to work with. If you're following the tips above, then you need to reassess your carrier partners.

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