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What does unable to deliver mean?

‘Unable to deliver’ means that the driver couldn’t access the delivery location safely, or used their judgement to decide it wasn’t a good idea to leave the parcel unattended. If your parcel’s tracking information says ‘Unable to deliver’, the iCumulus team will organise a redelivery.

How long will it take for me to receive my parcel?

Our delivery estimates are just that – estimates. They’re there to help you get an idea on what day and time your orders will be picked up and dropped off, giving you peace of mind.

Collection Points

You may need to pick up your delivered parcel from a collection point if: you aren’t home and the parcel requires a signature on delivery, or if the delivery driver thinks it’s unsafe to leave it unattended at the premises. The driver will usually leave a collection card and take it to a secure collection point. Each of our delivery partners will have a different collection location, like a newsagents or convenience store.

My parcel is late

If your parcel is running a little late, don’t worry. Parcels are usually delivered within 2 days of the delivery estimate. You can check the parcel’s ETA on our tracking page ( using the iCumulus reference number – if the sender has provided you that info. You’ll get real-time updates on your parcel’s movements and if there have been any delays with delivery.

Receiving a delivery during COVID-19

We’ve put in place new measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. To avoid unnecessary contact, we’re not asking our customers to sign for deliveries at the moment. If the sender has requested a signature, we will ask for and record a name instead. For more information on COVID-19, hotspots and restrictions, please check your local state and territory website. Australian Capital Territory COVID-19 New South Wales COVID-19 Northern Territory COVID-19 Queensland COVID-19 South Australia COVID-19 Tasmania COVID-19 Victoria COVID-19 Western Australia COVID-19

When tracking my item, what does "Awaiting Collection" mean?

The tracking status 'awaiting collection' means that we couldn’t leave it at your premises but took it to the closest pickup point available. In most cases, we'll let you know by: email (where we know these details), or a notification card left in your mailbox or under your door. The notification will have the full pickup address, open times, phone number and a map for your convenience. Please be sure to take suitable ID with you when collecting your item.

Latest Domestic Updates

8 January 2021: Greater Brisbane Delivery Delays

All deliveries to Greater Brisbane will be on hold as of 6pm Friday, 8th January, until Tuesday, 12th January 2020. As of Friday 8th January, the Queensland Government announced that Greater Brisbane will undertake a three-day lockdown to help stop the spread of the mutant COVID strain. We will continue to monitor the situation in Greater Brisbane and commence our deliveries as soon as the restrictions are lifted. All other areas in Queensland not affected by the three-day lockdown, will continue to receive parcel deliveries.

23 December 2020: Sydney Delivery Delays Due to Covid-19 Hotspot

With the escalation of Covid-19 cases in Sydney, and as a result of restrictions being implemented and changed on an hourly basis, parcel deliveries to areas of Sydney deemed a hotspot, will unfortunately not be possible before Christmas Day. Please be assured that we will be making every effort, in line with NSW Health Authorities, to have your parcel delivered after Christmas.

21 December 2020: Expected Delivery Delays to Sydney’s Northern Beaches

With the escalation of Covid-19 cases in Sydney’s Northern beaches, and as a result of restrictions being implemented and changed on an hourly basis, iCumulus is currently experiencing delivery delays in Sydney. We are continuously monitoring this situation and are in discussion with all of our last mile delivery providers, in and around Sydney. We are working hard to ensure we minimise the impact that these restrictions have on the delivery of parcels.

13 January 2021: Western Australia Delays Due to Bushfires

The recent bushfire outbreak in Western Australia has created some delay in parcel deliveries. We will monitor the situation and continue to deliver as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

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